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Welcome to NxTouko-Lovers, a fanclub that supports this Pokemon Black & White pairing.
1. Love NxTouko as a (crack) couple
If you're in this club/want to join, you have to love NxTouko! As rivals, friends, mocking enemies or lovers. you just want to lock them both up in a very very small closet. XD
2. Don’t flame this group, the members and the couple.
This is a fanclub that loves/supports N and Touko as a couple. Everybody has their likes and dislikes. out of respect, please don't flame; keep this club as friendly as possible. Treat them the way you would want to be treated.
3. Submit pictures of N, Touko, NxTouko, stamps and fanfics!
Submit artwork and fan fictions of them as much as you want, there’s no limit. The more the better! We'd love to see your NxTouko artwork. Just N or Touko will do, too. Just remember to put your work into the right folder!! They can also be pixel, digital or pencil drawn, as long as it’s an NxTouko picture(s).
4. NO submitting irrelevant pictures that have nothing to do with the pairing in this fanclub!
The only pics/fanfics I don’t want you to submit are CherenxTouko, TouyaXTouko, NxBianca, NxOC(s) and anything that is irrelevant to the fanclub. This is called NxTouko for a reason; it’s to show our spirits for this crack couple. however love triangles are ok, as long as it has something to do with N and Touko. :3
NOTE: i won't even accept pictures, fanfics, etc of N & some OC who looks like Touko but with a different name like Tiffany or anything besides Touko, Hilda & White. it's not to be mean, but keep in mind, this is called NxTouko-Lovers. it's to support N & Touko, not N & some Touko lookalike but with a different name on your Pokemon Black/White game.</b>
5. No Yaoi and Yuri!!!

I’m not trying to sound like a poor sport or sound prejudice, but again this is an NxTouko-Lovers fanclub. I won’t accept pictures of N with some guy and Touko with some girl, so don’t argue this with me.
6. Spread the word of the NxTouko love!
We're probably not the only one, but to make the club more "alive," spread the word to your NxTouko friends who draw/edit bases of them! The more members and artwork, the more NxTouko to share.

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Hello, my userame is ToukoIsNsGirl, founder of this fanclub called NxTouko-Lovers for all the fans of this cute crack pairing. all i ask of you is to read/respect the rules of this club, submit pics of N & Touko even as a couple. feel free to browse the gallery & see what you like. if you would like to join, you're more than welcome to. i cordially thank you for your visit. :D







note to all members & watchers of this fanclub. I, ToukoIsNsGirl am giving up my title as  Founder of this fc. :( i'm sorry to report such news, but my account is dead. i hardly go onto this anyway, i have such bad writer's block & the fact that i have two other accounts i'm most active on that i don't think i'll ever finish my fan fiction. i'm SO sorry. :iconimsosorryplz: but i have one question, how do i change my position? sorry, idk how to. but if u can answer my question, i'd appreciate it very much.
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